Friday, March 4, 2011

Itchy soles

Past few days the soles of my feet have been itchy. No, I don't have fungus or anything remotely gross like that. Probably my skin crying out loud because of this damn weather that won't change but it reminded me of the omens my mother associates with itching. I know that sounds weird, but I promise its getting better. If you were to tell her, "Ma, my sole is itchy." She would say, "You will travel." If you say, my right palm is itchy, she would say you will come into money. I can't remember what happens when your left palm is itchy.

Anyway, so I had some time to burn and was curious so I set off to discover if besides travel, itchy soles meant anything else. One person had asked the same question and said I know when the palm is itchy, it means I will come into money. What do itchy soles mean? The reply -- it means money will walk away from you. Easy come, easy go. LOL!

I moved on.

Believe it or not, I then stumbled upon a list of omens where the slighest itch on your body signifies something. Some of them are quite funny so I am sharing them here. If you know of any other such quirky omens, feel free to share!

An itchy crown of the head
You will have an advance in position.
An itchy right cheek
Someone is speaking well of you.
An itchy left cheek
Someone is speaking poorly of you.
An itchy right eye or eyebrow
You will have a meeting with an old friend.
An itchy left eye or eyebrow
You will have a great disappointment.
An itch in the Inside of the nose
You will meet trouble and sorrow
An itchy outside of the nose
You will be annoyed, cursed, kissed or meet with a fool soon.
Itchy lips
Someone is saying something disrespectful to you.
Itchy back of the neck
There will be an illness in your family.
An itchy right shoulder
You will discover a legacy.
An itchy left shoulder
You will discover sorrow.
An itchy right elbow
You will get exciting news.
An itchy left elbow
You will get meet news and losses.
An itchy right palm
You will gain some money.
An itchy left palm
You will loose some money.
An itchy spine
You will have a disappointment.
Itchy loins
You will make amends after an argument.
An itchy stomach
Someone will offer you food.
Itchy thighs
You will find somewhere else to live.
An itchy right knee
You will have a happy journey.
An itchy left knee
Your journey will be troubled with bad luck.
Itchy shins
You will have an unpleasant surprise.
Itchy ankles
You will be married or increase your wealth.
An itchy sole of the right foot
You will have a profitable journey.
An itchy sole of the left foot
You will encounter losses on your journey.

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